Game and Video Audio Edits

2016-08-21 06:02:35 by CANDYdisturber

Have a *game or video you're making? Want to use one of my tunes for it? Sure! Go ahead!

Shoot me a message on here, Youtube or Soundcloud and I'll be happy to edit the audio to match the game. Because I'd rather have the ability to give a fresh source edit than hear it butchered through Audacity and put on infinite loop.

I can also convert/remix my music into Chiptunes or vice versa on request.

Just please don't use Audacity to edit the tune.

Youtube Channel


*Example: Unept asked for an edit of The Final Boss to use in his game.


How do I DnB?

2015-03-31 02:05:53 by CANDYdisturber

So I'm teaching myself how to work with different genres, and right now I'm at Drum&Bass. I'm excited to see where that goes, and I literally type these posts just so when I go to my page I don't see the same thing. 
Also I spent a couple of minutes on this GIF so why not.



Anotha notha noth.

2015-02-27 22:07:00 by CANDYdisturber

Another experimental mess; so oddly strange.



2015-01-12 23:17:31 by CANDYdisturber

I've decided that I'm going to worry less about pumping out a specific kind of sound, and instead start experimenting a lot more. I caught myself repeating a lot of old techniques again and again when I tried to open up a new project,
so I'm starting out fresh.

The new stuff is going to 100% experimental with no real goal, just for fun and whatever sound cool and interesting.

First up, Jericho.



Back from the dead

2014-11-23 11:21:51 by CANDYdisturber

Boot camp was fun.
Almost a full year without a new song. I was pretty excited when I finally decided to release this.


Corrupt EP!

2014-01-01 13:39:18 by CANDYdisturber

Recently just finished up a few songs and am going to be posting throughout the day so I don't flood the Latest Audio section ^_^


Yet another.

2013-12-07 17:19:29 by CANDYdisturber

Oh golly, this one took far longer than it should've. 

This one here is a blend of Dub, Chill and some other third thing, so diversity and what-not.



Bigger, Louder, BETTER

2013-08-06 00:14:40 by CANDYdisturber

The new ones out and is sitting at my personal favorite right now; what do you guys think?

Bigger, Louder, BETTER


2013-07-29 11:55:41 by CANDYdisturber

This is an 8-bit remix of a friends song; if you liked the remix you'll absolutely love the original/progressive mix :D

Hope you enjoy, and please support The Sektorz!

Original: /watch?v=zuElxlcBOCw
Prog. Mix (what this remix is from): /watch?v=1HBM-1wqkfw


Yet another new song

2013-03-21 18:35:43 by CANDYdisturber

Yep; the new song is out, Hope you guys like it!

I'm making these news posts to make myself feel like people care; seems to be keeping me happy at least :D

Yet another new song